Countertop Fabricators

Adriano Granite & Quartz and our team of expert countertop fabricators have been providing our clients with exceptional custom countertops since 1992. Our countertop fabrication process takes place in our facility located in Cleveland, Ohio. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, Adriano's facility includes laser measurements, digital templating, water jet cutting, and CNC high tech machinery.

Custom Countertops

Adriano Granite & Quartz is a one stop shop for countertop fabrication and installation. In comparison, some countertop installation companies receive countertops that have already undergone the fabrication process. Whereas Adriano Granite & Quartz completes the countertops to design specifications within our facility. The countertops our team installs for our clients undergo an extensive inspection, design, and fabrication process.  Our team is highly specialized in stone fabrication, resulting in more unique and customizable finished products. 


Whether it's granite, quartzite, or another natural stone, every slab has unique characteristics. Much like every tree has varying grains and knots, natural stone follows suit. Characteristics can include dry seams, black spots, knots, veining, and more. While this is what sets every slab apart from the next, some "birth marks" aren't everyone's cup of tea. When selecting a slab, clients can point out unique markings that they love as well as the markings they would prefer to hide. Adriano takes these notes into account during the layout and design phase.


Next, the layout and design phase. This is where we use digital templating based on the measurements and countertop layout. We ensure that the counter flows naturally and the eye is drawn to the right focal point. For example, with an L-shape counter, Adriano ensures a smooth flow of patterns. This is where our experience and craftsmanship really come into play. The layout is especially critical with natural stone including granite and quartzite. Whereas with quartz being an engineered product, there's slightly more leniency. Regardless, our expert countertop fabricators have you covered. 


Stone cutting is where industry-leading technology really come into play. Without the proper tools, Adriano wouldn't be able to produce the quality of work that we do. We utilize water jet cutting, resulting in precise, high-quality cuts. Water jet cuts are also capable of cutting radius' including circles and other intricate shapes that may come into play. After the cuts are complete, Adriano uses a vacuum lifting system to transfer the pieces onto the next phase.


Fabricating is a complex process that we're going to simplify as much as possible. During the fabrication process, all of the pieces come together with the technology of a CNC machine and the meticulous eye of our fabricators. Sink cutouts, faucet holes, and intricate measurements are all accomplished during this phase. Additionally, fabrication is where each piece is worked together into its desired position and the edges are shaped. A CNC requires a trained operator who understands how to take advantage of the incredible technology CNC provides.


When slabs of natural stone arrive from the quarry, the face has already undergone polishing. However, after the CNC fabrication phase, the newly cut edges are in desperate need of polishing.  Adriano utilizes a meticulous, multi-step polishing process and the industry-standard diamond polishing pads.


Last, but not least, comes the quality control phase. This is where Adriano asks ourselves a number of questions. Are the freshly cut edges uniform and properly polished? Are the colors of the countertop face and edges uniform? Is the lighting bouncing properly? We look at the countertop from every angle to ensure it's a work of art prior to moving onto installation.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

I am a very satisfied customer. Smoothest part of the project. Courteous , Efficient, and expert installation of my BEAUTIFUL GRANITE. Highly recommend. Thank you to Adriano and his team.

JEANINE T. | Google

Just had our quartz countertops installed and could not be happier with both the product and installation. Adriano and his crew shaped the quartz for a particularly difficult fit and matched the curve exactly.

NANCY M. | Google

They did an awesome job in my kitchen and even did a vanity for my bathroom and some small custom pieces! Everything was cut and measured perfectly! Highly recommend!

MIKE L. | Google


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