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Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite countertops are our best-selling countertop materials. Additionally, our team includes expert craftsmen that also provide varying edge finishes and customizable options. Rest assured, whether your heart is set on a specific product or you're still exploring options, Adriano will design, source, fabricate, and install -- all in a 14-Day Turnaround.


Granite is a natural stone with diverse color tones and unique characteristics. Gorgeous and durable, granite is a popular choice among customers.
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Quartz is an engineered product primarily made of ground quartz and mixed with a resin compound, resulting in great strength and brilliant colors.
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Quartzite is a stunning natural stone product with a long lifespan and resilience to flaws. With countless tones and swirls, quartzite is another excellent option. 
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Our Process


Working with Adriano Granite & Quartz begins with a consult at our showroom. Explore the different material types and countless product options. By discussing your project application and design vision, Adriano's team will guide you towards the product you envision. 


After a product is selected, our team of experts get to work on creating a digital template based on the measurements and specifications. During this phase, we identify the focal point and where cuts will be made to ensure a seamless flow of patterns. 


Due to our in-house fabrication capabilities, Adriano Granite & Quartz provides impressive turnaround times by skipping the middle man. With the help of high-tech machinery and pure artistry, our team of countertop fabricators deliver exceptional products. 


Each of our finished pieces go through a quality control check before we get you on the schedule for installation. Ensuring cabinets under the sink are empty and top drawers are removed will help the installation process move along quickly and efficiently!  

Make your vision a reality

From kitchen and bathroom countertops to fireplace surrounds and outdoor countertops, Adriano Granite & Quartz craft the perfect solution.  
Adriano Custom Countertops in a beautiful kitchen with an island and white cabinets

Adriano Granite & Quartz

Adriano Granite feels that neutral or engineered stone used for countertops or other surfaces is a strong, durable and attractive high end produce and should be treated as such, we take large cold slabs and custom fabricate them into a warm or bright thing of fabulous simple beauty, a work of art per say that enhances your indoor or outside space. We work with distributers who provide us with the highest quality of granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, and onyx .

We use the latest technology in fabrication production equipment, state-of-the-art equipment includes laser measurements/digital templating, waterjet cutting, and CNC high tech machines for finished edges. We also do hand crafted work if the job calls for it.
We are proud to say that we constantly beat are competitors in pricing and quick turnaround time on fabrication and installation.
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